Golf Team Rules

Los Fresnos Falcons

Golf Rules


  1. Academics is your first priority. We expect A’s and B’s in your classes!  We know what grades you have. You will miss school for tournaments. Get prepared with school work before you miss. Tell your teachers you will be gone. Ask what work/assignments that you will need to make up. This is YOUR responsibility! Do not use unfinished homework or missed work due to playing in a tournament as an excuse to get out of practice or golf class time. Make arrangements during the morning to remake assignments
  2. Be respectful to your parents, siblings, teachers/coaches, classmates and teammates.
  3. Be on time to class. This means be on the bus at the times provided at the beginning of the season. United students can not be late on catching the bus that transports them to the High School
  4. Be prepared with the proper attire, golf course and workout every day.
  5. If you are injured or sick and you attend school we expect you to be at practice unless otherwise advised by your coach or trainer.If you are absent from school you must email or call 254-5351 and leave a voice message.We want to know why you are not in class.
  6. Policy for missing class or practices? Make ups or removal from athletic program.
  7. Upon an injury a Falcon Athletic Trainer will evaluate your conditions. They will assess the best rehabilitation schedule for you. If you feel you have an emergency contact your local doctor, or emergency room. If the trainers have been treating you for an injury it is your job to see the trainer every day until he/she releases you. If you are not sure ASK! 
  8. Be responsible with your personal equipment and all school issued equipment. All school issued equipment must be returned at the end of each season.
  9. PHONE RULES: Phones may be used during practice for music and emergencies. No texting while on the course during practice time. JUST ASK COACH.If you are constantly pulling your phone out of your bag, it maybe confiscate and returned after practice.  If it becomes a habit you may lose your phone privileges and phones will only be turned in to parents.
  10. Always know the weather conditions for the following days of practice or tournaments.BE PREPARED- layers for the cold, and rain gear.
  11.  Make sure you have proper attire at the course, Dress Code is Strictly Enforced.
  12. Equipment will be assigned for practice or tournaments, and will be picked up after arriving at the High School
  13. Varsity eligibility: The best players will placed on the team. Line-ups are interchangeable, and are not permanent throughout the season.  Players should know that hard work will be rewarded. Performance and Scores in tournaments and practice are used to evaluate a player. Practice presence or lack of it, may also be used to determine team standing. 
  14. If you finish the varsity season in good standing you could be eligible for a Letterman jacket. 9 varsity tournaments must be played in order to qualify. We play 9 tournaments throughout the season. If you play in the Regional Tournament you may also qualify.
  15. Distractions on the course will not be permitted. Players are not there to socialize, court,intimidate, bully, or harass any player.
  16. All Parents and future players must sign this contract before being allowed to participate.
  17. A mandatory meeting will be scheduled at the start of every year. Parents must be present at this initial meeting in order for your child to participate. Booster board members will be selected for that upcoming year. Team Schedules will be handed out. Contracts will be signed at that moment. If you can not make the planned meeting, this contract must still be signed and returned to Coach Gonzalez, for proper filing.


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