Computer Animation Syllabus

Computer Animation Syllabus

Los Fresnos High School
Instructor: Mrs. Cynthia Cantu, M.S.
Computer Lab: 311
Conference Period: 2nd Period
Phone: (956)254-5300, ext.1076


This course provides associate level instruction for the Adobe Flash CS5 Professional software application.  Students will learn to design, create, and publish Flash CS5 web animations. Also, this course will cover more advanced topics, such as programming with ActionScript 3.0, using Flash CS5 components and video, and earning Adobe Associate Certification.  Students enrolled in Animation will be prepared to take the Rich Media Communication Flash CS5 Certification Exam.  Students who earn a "B" or above will receive college articulated credit for the course.



Text: New Perspectives on Adobe Flash CS5 Professional, Comprehensive, Course Technology, 2011. (ISBN: 9780538453196)

Software: A default installation of Adobe Flash CS5 Professional, Adobe Flash Player 10, Adobe Media Encoder CS5 with the Xvid codec installed (free download is available from, Adobe Device Central CS5, and a current Web browser must be installed on your computer. Note that the Instructor will provide information on how to use these packages.

Handouts: Additional handouts may be required. Instructor will provide information on obtaining this material. 


1.   Lectures: Important material from the text and online sources will be covered in class. Students should plan to take careful notes as not all material can be found in the texts or readings.

2.   Assignments: End of chapter activities and online activities will be assigned weekly to reinforce material in the text. These assignments may require the application of various software packages.

3.   Quizzes: Occasional unannounced quizzes will be given to help ensure students stay up with assigned material.

4.         4.   Participation: Student participation will be graded by the level of class participation and      and attendance.   



Daily Work: 50%     Computer Exercises, and                      
                                 Daily Assignments

Major Work: 50%   Projects, Tests    




1. Attendance Policy/Tardy Policy: Students are required to attend class every day. Parents will be notified if a student is absent for three days, whether consecutive or non-consecutive and an Attendance Referral will be written. A student will be counted tardy when the bell rings and the student is not in assigned seat.

2.   2. Grading Policy: A midterm and semester exam will be given in this class. Grades will be       calcalculated according to district policy.

3    3. Make-up work: Students are responsible for any notes, class assignments and tests missed due to to an absence or tardy. Students must make arrangements with the teacher to make up any mmissed work on the day he/she returns to school. Work assigned prior to an absence is due wwhen the student returns; otherwise the assignment is considered late.

4. Late work: A one-day limit will be allowed for late assignments.  

5. Supplies for class: Students are responsible for bringing a folder with paper, and a pen and





a.    Be on time and come prepared to class.

b.    Respect self and others.

c.    Listen closely and follow directions.  No talking or getting up while teacher is lecturing. 

d.    Equipment should be left as found report any unsafe equipment to Teacher. 

e.    Keep your desk area neat and clean. 

f.     Place backpacks under counter. 

g.    No CD players, MP3 players, IPods, or cell phones allowed during class. 

h.    It is your responsibility to check your computer before and after class, and notify Teacher of any changes. 

i.    Respect school property.


      1st Time: Verbal Warning 
       2nd Time:  Student conference & Parent contact
       3rd Time: Office Referral
**Serious infractions are cause for immediate referral.

Course Outline:





Introduction to Course

Chapter 1 Introducing Adobe Flash Professional CS5

 Class Syllabus, Policies, and Procedures

Session 1.1, FL 1-20

Reviewing Types of Web Media

Developing Web Media in Flash

Session 1.2, FL 24-48

Changing the View of the Stage

Working with Objects in Flash


Chapter 2 Drawing Shapes, Adding Text, and Creating Symbols

Session 2.1, FL53-78

Drawing Lines and Shapes

Changing Strokes and Fills

Session 2.2, FL 84-107

Adding Text

Checking the Spelling of Text

Exporting a Graphic for Use on the Web

Working With Symbols


Chapter 3 Creating Animations

Session 3.1, FL 113-124

Elements of Animation

Working with the Timeline

Using Scenes and Multiple Timelines

Session 3.2, FL 126-138

Creating Animation

Creating a Motion Tween

Using Motion Presets

Session 3.3, FL 140-157

Creating a Classic Tween

Using Graphic Symbols in Animations

Creating a Shape Tween


Chapter 4 Creating Complex Animations

Session 4.1, FL 165-179

Modifying Motion Tweens

Using a Mask Layer in an Animation Session 4.2, FL 184-201

Animating Text Blocks

Animating Individual Letters

Creating 3D Graphics Effects


Chapter 5 Making a Document Interactive

Session 5.1, FL 229-246

Adding a Button from the Buttons Library

Creating a Custom Button

Aligning Objects on the Stage

Session 5.2, FL 248-267

Understanding Actions

Using the Actions Panel

Using Sounds in a Flash Animation


Chapter 6 Creating Special Effects and Publishing Files

Session 6.1, FL 273-288

Working With Bitmaps

Animating Bitmaps

Converting a Bitmap to a Vector Graphic

Session 6.2, FL 294-315

Using Gradients

Transforming Gradient Fills

Exporting a Flash Document as an Image



Adobe Certification  Objectives Domains 1-3

Practice Test


Mid-Term Review



Mid-Term Exam



Chapter 7 Planning and Creating a Flash Web Site

Session 7.1, FL 322-330

Understanding the Structure of a Flash Web Site

Planning a Flash Web Site


Cont., Chapter 7 Planning and Creating a Flash Web Site

Session 7.2, FL 332-349

Creating Content for a Web Site

Using a Flash Template to Create Additional Web Pages

Session 7.3, FL 354-371

Using ActionScript

Loading External Image Files


Chapter 8 Programming with ActionScript 3.0

Session 8.1, FL 383-397

Programming with ActionScript 3.0

Using Events and Event Listeners


Cont., Chapter 8 Programming with ActionScript 3.0

Session 8.2, FL 400-413

Creating Links to Web Sites

Using a Flash Preloader

Creating the Preloader Animation

Completing the Preloader Code

Session 8.3, FL 416-432

Creating an Input Form

Adding Numeric Feedback to the Preloader


Chapter 9 Adding Web links, Photos, and Video to a Flash Web Site and Creating Content

Session 9.1, FL 443-455

Using Flash Components

Using the UILoader Component to Display Photos

Using the ProgressBar Component

Session 9.1, FL 460-467

Adding Video to a Flash Document


Cont., Chapter 9 Adding Web links, Photos, and Video to a Flash Web Site and Creating Content

Session 9.3, FL 476-506

Creating Printable Content

Creating Mobile Content


ACA Certification Domains 4-5



Adobe Associate Certification Practice Test



Certification Exam/Final Exam