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Los Fresnos High School

Student Organization Charter

Business Professionals of America

Name of Organization


Date Charted

Article I

Name and Office (location)of the Organization


Section 1.         Name: The name of the Student Club Organization shall be Business Professionals of    America, and shall be referred to in the bylaws as the BPA.


Section 2.     Office: The principal office of the organization shall be located at Los Fresnos High School.  Club meetings and sales will be conducted on said premises or as determined by the sponsor(s) or students with the approval of the school principal.



Article II

Purpose of the Organization


The purposes of this organization are as follows:


The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.



Article III


(Describe your organization and the purpose or impact on the club members and officers)


The Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP) is an integral part of Business Professionals of America.  The goal of the program is to provide all business students with the opportunity to demonstrate workplace skills learned through business education curricula.  Students:


  • Demonstrate occupational competencies;
  • Broaden Knowledge, skills and attitudes;
  • Expand leadership and human relation skills;
  • Demonstrate a competitive spirit; and
  • Receive recognition.







Article IV


(Describe the qualifications to become a member of your organization, including dues if any.  Keep in mind that an organization collects dues set forth by local, state or national associations.)


A.       Eligibility

1.       Should be enrolled in an approved Business Course

2.       Must pay $15.00 fee for dues

3.       Adheres to the Los Fresnos CISD Student Code of Conduct, and follows all school  policies,

4.       Must turn in their contract signed by parent and student.

B.       Duties of Members

1.       Compete at the BPA Regional Meet (UIL Eligibility Requirements)

2.       Complete required hours of community service

3.       Participate in Fundraising activities

4.       Adheres to the Los Fresnos CISD Student Code of Conduct, and follows all school      policies.

5.       Pay dues


C.       Dues

                         The dues will be established by the officers each year and to be paid by the members.  


D.       Selection Process

                          Should be enrolled in an approved Business Course



E.       Attendance Requirements for Members

                          Attendance at all meetings and organizational events is mandatory and only school

                          recognized excuses will be accepted.  No more than two unexcused absences per

                          semester will be allowed.


F.       Removal Procedures

1.       If a member fails to perform the duties as stated in Article IV Section 1 part B the

membership may be revoked.

2.       If a member commits a felony while in the organization their membership will be

automatically revoked.

Article V


(Describe the procedures in conducting your elections and the titles of the Officer’s positions.)



Section 1.  Candidates for Office

All candidates for office must be members in good standing with the organization.  Good standing is defined by meeting all the qualifications to be a member as well as academic standing with the school.  To run for president you must be able to commit for a full one-year term.

Section 2.  Term of Office

The term of office is for one (1) year, beginning in August.  Elections will be held in May of the spring semester.

Section 3.  Election of Officers

Elections shall be held at the regular meeting, a quorum must be present and a simple majority vote will win; newly elected officers shall resume responsibility at the following meeting.



Article VI


(Describe the responsibilities of each elected officer and the consequences of failure to comply.  Each organization must have a President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer.  Remember to update this section as deemed necessary.)


                                                                                                                        The President will:

President                                                         1.   represent BPA in the school and community, and speak on

                                                                        behalf of the group to media and at public forums,

2.       act as the contact person for the organization,

3.       preside over all meetings of the organization,

4.       coordinate group activities, and

5.       communicate with the officers and advisor on all matters.

6.       May not be president of any other club.


                                                                                                                        The Vice-President will:

Vice-President                                                             1.  perform all duties of the President in the absence of the President.

2.  responsible for committees.



                                                                                                                        The Secretary will:     

Secretary                                                                              1.    maintain careful and complete records of the proceedings of all


                                                               2.       take responsibility for recording and distributing the minutes of all


                                                               3.       send thank-you notes and congratulatory cards and letters to

school personnel, guest speakers, community contributors, and

other groups when appropriate,

                                                               4.       keep a steady eye on the calendar of events and remind other

members of the agenda through email and phone calls,

                                                          5.       keep and record attendance at meeting and be recipient of all

excuses for absences, and

                                                               6.       assist with committees.


                                                                                                                        The Treasurer will:

Treasurer                                                         1.                 prepare and maintain an annual budget,

                                                                           assist sponsor(s) with deposits

                                                               2.        keep track of points for jackets earned

                                                               3.        assist with committees.




Article VII


(Describe the date and time of your regular meetings.  Sponsors, keep in mind that there may be certain organizations that require meeting at specified intervals.  Check with the state or national association.)


Section 1.  General Meetings

General meetings will be held once a month and on dates decided by the organization.  Meeting dates will be announced via email, phone-calls, and letters. A quorum for a regularly scheduled general meeting consists of the President, at least one (1) member of the executive committee and at least three (3) members.  At least one Advisor shall be present at a General Meeting.  Attendance sheets will be signed and kept to record attendance at each General Meeting, and official minutes will be taken.


Section 2.  Executive Committee Meetings

Executive Committee Meetings will be held prior to or after each General Meeting, and may be held at other times if scheduled on the Calendar or if called by the President and/or Primary Advisor.  A quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting consists o the President, Vice President, and at least one (1) additional officer.  A simple majority vote of the Executive Officers in attendance at an Executive Committee Meeting is required to carry a vote on an issue.


Only Organizational Officers, Committee Chairs, and Advisors are permitted to attend an Executive Committee Meeting, although the Meeting may be adjourned to allow an invited visitor to be heard, and then reconvened after the visitor has departed.


At least one Advisor should be present at Executive Committee Meetings.  Attendance sheets will be signed and kept to record attendance at each Executive Committee Meeting, and official minutes will be taken.





Article VIII


(Name of sponsor, advisor or teacher coordinator of the organization.  An alternate may be appointed as deemed necessary by the school principal.  Remember to update this section as deemed necessary.)




  1. Become familiar with the organization
  2. Become familiar with organization publications
  3. Understand the needs of the members, school, and community
  4. Mentor officers and students
  5. Serve as point of contact for school, community, state, and national BPA offices
  6. Provide leadership opportunities
  7. Recognize members
  8. Ensure a quality chapter program is planned and implemented











Article IX

Conduct of Business and Finance

(Describe the method or calculation (merit) in which funds raised by students will be applied as a credit toward the student’s account.  This is very important because it helps to pay the student’s share of dues or other expenses in which the student cannot afford but would like to participate in the organization.  Also describe the procedures for making a deposit and requesting a check from the student organization account. The procedures for keeping the organizations records of the funds collected and spent.  A monthly financial report should be available for all club members to review.)


All monies belonging to this organization shall be deposited and disbursed through the Los Fresnos High School Accounting Department.  The money will only be accessible by the advisor, president, and treasurer.  All funds must be deposited within 24 hours after collection.  The treasurer will maintain the account for the organization.

Article X

Amendments to bylaws

(These bylaws may be amended or repealed by two-thirds vote of the voting members.)

Section 1.  Constitution

The school requires the organizations membership to review and ratify the constitution, and submit the constitution for administrative approval.


Section 2.  Amendments

Proposed changes to the Constitution will be announced, discussed, and voted on at a General Meeting.  The Constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at any General Meeting, provided that the proposed amendment had been presented at a previous General Meeting.  The amendment is subject to the approval of the school principal or designee.

Responsibilities of Sponsor of Student Organizations

The purpose for the collecting or raising and expending of funds by the student organizations is for the direct benefit of the students.  Funds are to be used to finance activities that supplement the educational curriculum of the District.  Fundraising activities will contribute to the educational experience of the students and will not conflict with the instructional program.  The school as trustee holds money raised by the student organization.  The sponsor of the student organization is responsible for maintaining adequate financial records as evidence of proper custodianship of money received by and disbursed from the student account.

I hereby acknowledge that:

1.       All fundraising activities must be submitted for approval to the campus representative designated by the campus principal. 

2.       I am responsible for both safeguarding and accounting for funds received from and/or on behalf of the student organization.

3.       Student activity money will be deposited daily with campus cashier or turned into the cashier for safekeeping until the next business day.  All currency and coins must be properly wrapped. The club sponsor and/or club officers must prepare the daily deposit worksheet.  Under no circumstances is a student to make a deposit for the sponsor.

4.       At the completion of each fundraiser a Financial Recap will be completed and submitted to the Accounting (original), Principal (copy) and I will keep a copy for my records.  Any sales tax due will be paid to LFCISD General Fund.

5.       All purchases made on behalf of the student organization will be made in the form of a check and approved in advance by the campus principal using a Pay Voucher Request.

6.       No commitments or purchases will be made on behalf of the student organization “on account”.

7.       No purchases will be made from un-deposited collections.

8.       I will maintain a positive account balance in the student organization at all times.

9.       I will comply with all policy and procedures as outlined in the Sponsor Information handout provided to me on September 24, 2008

10.   I understand that I will be held responsible for any student activity funds entrusted to me and that I will reimburse the student organization for any money (or property purchased with student activity money) which is lost due to carelessness, theft, or fraud.


Sponsor Signature                                                                                                                                                                   Date




Sponsor Signature                                                                                                                                                                   Date

Business Professionals of America

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