Academic Team

Team Commander -Cadet/ LTCDR Daniela Rivera
Studying pays off!
Studied hard for this exam
Almost Finished
Piece of cake!
Halfway Done
At Coastal Bend Drill Meet taking the Academic Exam
State Final Academic Exam!
Anxiously waiting State Final Academic Exam!
   If you want to try and join the team,
there is some sample questions you can try and see if Academics is right for you:
1) What type of warfare involves the use of living organisims (Bacteria, spores, or fungi) or toxins to reduce the ability of an enemy to wage war by destroying or contamminating food sources or by spreading epidemic disease?
a) Subsurface b) Chemical c) Nuclear d) Biological
2) Who was responsible for the first invasion of southern France during daylight?
a) General Bailey b) Admiral Hewitt c) General McAuliffe d) General Eisenhower
3) Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, represents which state?
a) Texas b) California c) Vermont d) Florida
Answers to the sample questions:
1)D. Biological Warfare
2)D. General Eisenhower
3)B. California
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