Golf Team Rules

Los Fresnos Falcons

Team Golf Rules



  1. Academics is your first priority.Be present every day.Know what grades.You will miss school for tournaments and are responsible for any missed work.It is best to get prepared in advance.Tell your teachers what days you will be gone. Please request assignments that you will be missing.This is YOUR responsibility!Make arrangements with that teacher on missed work
  2. Policy for players - If for any reason a player will need to stay contact me
    1. Would need a email confirmation by the teacher
    2.  Be respectful to your parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, classmates and teammates
    3.  Be on time to all classes.Be on the bus or designated workout areas.Don’t spend time in the hall talking to your friends. 
  3. Be prepared with the proper attire for the golf course and workout clothes. 
    1. Dressed Code for the golf course is mandatory. No jean material, and polo’s
    2. Breaking dress code can cause you to be removed from the class
    3. We practice in weather ranging from the 40’s – 100’s
    4. Drizzle will not usually keep us off the course 
  4. If you are sick and you attend school we expect you to be at practice, you can get picked up from Rancho Viejo at 4:15pm at the end of the school day. We are trying to avoid kids staying on campus 
  5. Policy for missing class or practices- Kids are subject for removal after the missing 3 unexcused practices. After the second absence, parents will be notified. 
  6. Discipline will be handled on an individual case by case basis 
  7. Upon an injury see the trainer.If the trainers have been treating you for an injury it is your responsibility to see that trainer until he/she releases you.If you are not sure ASK them please! Trainers see kids during the morning before school. They do not see individuals during their athletic period. 
  8. Be responsible with your equipment and school issued equipment. All school issued equipment must be returned after every tournament (uniforms) or at the end of the year  . 
  9. Team Captains – Are chosen on a year to year. A position one year would not guarantee any position the following. I may choose to have no captains, one captain, co-captains. Players can be removed from their position of leadership.  Leadership qualities are sought at all levels of play and grades . To qualify for a nomination, players must have completed at least 1 full year under our program and in the varsity level. You don’t have to be the best player or the oldest on varsity team. Players will nominate captains for the 2018-2019 season. Only players have 1 full year of experience may vote. Freshmen boys and girls who can not vote will choose a representative and will help the coaches verify the count.
  10. PHONE RULES: Phones may not be used at practices.No texting while on the course during practice time. Students may use phones while on the bus. If you need to use your phone, JUST ASK COACH. If you are constantly pulling your phone out to text with a friend or a parent, it can be confiscate and returned to you after practice.If it becomes habit you will lose your phone privileges and phones will be turned in to parents. 
  11. Parents do not call your students while at practice!!! They have their phones on them because I need to communicate with them as they are spread out across the course. I expect parents to respect the time of practice. Please be aware If phones become an issue (not necessarily your kid) I will pick up phones as the kids arrive at Rancho Viejo. 
  12. I will not take time off of practice to discuss any issues with a parent. If there is a situation that needs addressing I would happily address it with you after practice. If the issue is not resolved we may set up a meeting with our Athletic Coordinator Coach Foster, but only after we have met to resolve the issue ourselves. This is our district athletic policy and we will adhere to it. Practice time is from 3pm – 6:15pm
  13. Always know the weather conditions for the following days of practice or tournaments.BE PREPARED! Make sure kids have proper attire at the course (winter). We do practice and play in differing weather conditions. 
  14. Varsity eligibility:You will need to keep your averages low. Kids can be moved or placed on different teams based on team needs or player performance. 
  15. Lettermen jacket:Must maintain grades, attendance at school, attend practices, and have a good attitude. 9 Varsity tournaments are required for your child to receive a lettermen. Jackets are a privilege not a right. 
  16. Student Athletes who have scheduling conflicts and not in the golf period. If players are not participating in another UIL activity, they are expected to be at golf practice after school on their assigned days. Please make accommodations if your child needs to be picked up from United or the HS and driven to Rancho Viejo. I ask that you schedule a meeting with myself and the other coach/sponsor so that we may “share” the athlete appropriately. We are a year around course. We conflict with all sports, their responsibility to golf is expected just as much as any other sport. If sports/UIL activities are “in season” there will be complications, but sitting down with parents and sponsors helps facilitate any questions or situations. Finishing one sport then choosing to join golf is not considered “sharing.” 
  17. Parents are to meet with me and sign this form before their child is allowed to participate in any golf tournaments. Parents absent for our annual meeting must still make arrangements to meet with me even if the rules form has been sent home for a signature of agreement.

Parents and Students are expected to sign the Rules Sheet and turn in to coach on the mandatory parent meeting which will be held on a date TBD


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