Pena-Aguilar, Angie
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Mrs. Angie Pena-Aguilar
Room # 312
Phone number: 956-254-5300 extension 1077
Welcome To Career and Technology Education (CTE)
Reminder for Parents/Students – UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION!
3A/3B   Conference/lunch
5th - ACCOUNTING 1 / ACCOUNTING II                            


1.      Put Phones Away ~ Turn phones OFF! Cellular phones, pagers, CD players, radios, and similar devices are prohibited in my classroom. Students texting or using the phone during class will have their devices turned in to the office.

2.      Food and drinks are not allowed in my classroom. 

3.      Everyone should be in his or her seats before the tardy bells rings.

4.      Be on time and come to class prepared to learn

Anti-slur policy will be enforced in my class at all times.

Learn to be responsible for your own actions.

5.      Teacher will always dismiss class at the end of period; not the bell.

6.     Do not roll around the classroom in chairs

7.     RESPECT! Teacher, students & property

8.     Do not sit or place feet on top of counters or chairs

9.      Keep your desk area clean Follow Directions ~Students must follow directions the first time they are given. Clean Up Your Mess ~ Make sure that your area is neat and clean before leaving the classroom

10.   Sleeping is NOT allowed in this classroom, and it will affect your grade.

11.   Dress code will be enforced!

12.   No standing or getting up from desk without permission

13.   If you need to use the bathroom do so before class.

    GRADING:    See Student Handbook in regards to the grading policy 
     ABSENCES: Attending class and prompt submission of documents is  crucial. Students are responsible for the completion of all assignments by the due date, regardless of whether they have excused or unexcused  absences.

     LATE WORK: Students are provided with plenty of time to complete the  assignments and submit documents before the deadline.

     TUTORING: See me for any concerns or questions. My Tutoring, make-up work, and retest schedule is Monday thru Friday - 8:00 -8:30 a.m.