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1st Period
Principles of Information Tech.
2nd Period
Computer Maintenance II
3B -3C Period    
Game Programming and Design
4th Period
5th Period
Principles of Information Tech.
Name: Alberto Tudon
Email Address: Atudon@lfcisd.net
Phone number: 956-254-5300  ext. 1098  and 1104

Welcome to Mr. Tudon's class.   I am a nationally certified computer technician with numerous years of experience in the technology field.  The computer maintenance and programming courses I teach will provide your son or daughter with the following Microsoft certification opportunities:

1. Networking Fundamentals
2. Security Fundamentals
3. Mobility and Device Fundamentals
4. Database Fundamentals
5. Software Development Fundamentals


I hope this year will be full of exciting activities that will enlighten your students' academic experience.  
Looking forward to a great year!