Tennis Syllabus

Los Fresnos Boys and Girls Tennis Team

Head Coach:            Bill Sandlin

Phone numbers:            Work:  254-5250         Cell:  459-8249          
Conference:  1:05pm.-2:35pm  
Room #s:  217(ext. 2407)

Course Description:

The Tennis Athletics Class/Team/Practice is designed to develop proper grips, stroke production, footwork, strategies, conditioning.  Players will be taught the fundamentals of Tennis including skills, Singles and Doubles strategies, rules, scoring (Games, Sets, and Tie-breaks), proper etiquette, and physical fitness.  Students are encouraged to practice what they learn and play Tournaments on their own when possible.  The program will be structured to give students the opportunity to grow, and succeed in Tennis, to represent Los Fresnos CISD, and the desire to play “Tennis for Life”. 

Equipment/Materials Needed for Tennis Class:        **Students will be required to dress out every day.                                             

  • Tennis Racket (We have loner rackets. Purchase your own racket ASAP)
  • T-shirts (One Falcon Tennis Shirt provided)
  • Athletic shorts (One Pair of Shorts provided) Warm-ups are allowed.
  • Proper Tennis Shoes are required. (No running/cross training shoes etc.)
  • Water Bottle
  • **If you are not issued equipment you are still required to dress out.

Evaluation/Grading Policy/Letter Jacket Requirements:                        
1.             Dressing Out:                          50%

  • 1st Time not Dressing out:  Conference with Teacher
  • 2nd Time not Dressing out:  Parent Conference
  • 3rd Time not Dressing out:  Student suspended for one Tournament/Match
  • **4th Time not Dressing out:  Student out of Tennis**

** Exceptions:  If you miss due to making up work/Tests, Family matters you must have a pass/note from your Teacher/Parent explaining the absence.  Follow up will occur by Coach.

 2.         *Participation/Assessment:    50%                                                    

  • *Exception:  If a condition or illness exists that prevents you from participating, you must have note from a Doctor or Parent that excuses you from participation.
  • This does not exempt you from dressing out.

3.         Letter Jacket Requirements:

  • Players must play Team Tennis for two complete seasons.
  • Players must play in a minimum of 8 Varsity Tournaments plus District.
  • Players must attend scheduled practices, remain eligible with no more than 6 weeks out due to failures, and have a grade of 90 or better in tennis.
  • Players must be Respectful, Coachable, and Teachable.
  • Players will measure for their Letter Jackets in the Fall of their junior year, or Spring of Fall year once Team Tennis is completed, and if qualified.


  1. Be scheduled in Tennis/Athletics (5th) period. (In some cases this will not be possible)
  2. Dress out every day.  No exceptions
  3. Practice after school is required.  If you are in another school related activity you must come to practice for two days each week in order to attend tournaments.
  4. Follow instructions the first time they are given.  Players will run to their areas/courts.  Players will listen quietly during instruction/demonstrations.
  5. Players will not hit/throw Tennis balls unless starting a point, rally, practicing serves, returns, or participating in a drill.
  6. Good attitudes, sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, participation, and being coachable, is expected at all times.
  7. Players will help bring equipment out to courts, and take it to storage every day.
  8. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, orderly, and mature manner.
  9. No food, drink, gum, electronic devices…etc., are allowed on the courts or other practice areas.
  10. All electronic devices will be off and put away.  All talking, giggling (unless I say something funny), and noises will cease during instruction, drills, game play, and lectures/instruction by the Coaches.  The only acceptable talking is counting for Drills, calling shots in or out, and calling scores.
  11. Students will not leave court area during class unless given permission by Coach.


  • Arrive at the Tennis courts by 5 minutes after the tardy bell rings. (9th by 3:00pm)
  • Do not leave anything of value out, in the locker room.  Lock it in your locker.


  1. 2:50-3:08pmLaps/Mini Tennis/Volleys/Stretching
  2. 3:10-3:22Conditioning/Water Break
  3. 3:30-4:11Drills/Instructions/Demonstrations/Break(weight room M, W, F)
  4. 4:17-4:47Drills/Games/Break
  5. 4:52-5:42Instruction/Demonstrations/Drills/Pick up/Break
  6. 5:50-6:05Conditioning
  7. 6:08pmPractice ends/Take equipment to storage


  • A bag, warm ups, practice gear (1 set), and uniform will be issued to you.  The only equipment allowed in your bag is tennis clothes, towel(s), racket, or other clothes. (No books, notebooks, or any other classroom related supplies.)Use a separate backpack for those items.  Only practice gear/warm-ups is allowed at practices. (No uniforms)
  • Tennis Racket (the school has loner rackets but you are encouraged to purchase your own racket to play and practice with)
  • You will need a 1/2 to 1 gallon water jug for Matches and Tournaments.
  • A small towel or towels, and extra shirts etc.
  • Bring snacks, fruit, and Gatorade to the tournaments.
  • For Saturday Home Team Tennis matches you will be required to arrive at the courts by 7:45am.If you arrive late you will run the risk of not being played in that match, and this will hurt your Team.
  • If you leave the court area for rest room, let the site director know that you are leaving.  Be sure to go quickly and return to the court promptly.  Make every effort to stay on your court.
  • When your match is called at your site, take your bag, water jug and Tennis balls to the court.  Spin your racket for choices.  5-minute warm up, then take serves.  All players take serves before the match begins.
  • When your match is finished get the new tennis balls from your opponent, then go report the scores quickly if you are the winner.  If you do not win the match get the used tennis balls, then check with tournament desk about consolation matches.
  • During matches check on our other players to see if they need water etc. Refill your water jug after your matches.
  • When crossing courts stay close to the back fence and wait for points to finish before walking behind a court.
  • In Match play, call the scores loudly, clearly, properly, and after every point, game, and set.  Call the lines and lets loudly, promptly, and clearly.
  • At the end of the Tournament day all students will make sure their area and even those around them are pick up and the trash put in trash cans.
  • Be on time for Team Tennis matches, and Tournaments.  Times for Bus departure will be posted on the schedules.  Make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes before posted times. (the bus will not wait for you)If you miss a bus you must attend classes.Approximate arrival times back to school will be posted also. No Students will drive to Tournaments.  Your Parents may drive you to a site or pick you up if it is approved by the Head Coach.
  • Do not ask to purchase team uniforms or equipment.  If you do not turn in what is issued, you will run the risk of not be allowed to walk the line at Graduation.  You must pay for lost or damaged Tennis Gear.


  • Attend school regularly, and pass all classes.
  • Be respectful to everyone on the team.
  • No bad language or speech to, or about anyone (even if you are, ”JK”)…No exceptions.
  • Be on time, and prepared with appropriate Tennis equipment.
  • You are expected to abide by all School rules and policies.  No referrals/ISS.
  • If you join the Team as a couple you will act as separate individuals during Practices, Matches, and Tournaments.  No one should be able to tell that you are dating.
  • If learning the game properly, following instructions, being coachable, being respectful of others, fully committing to the Team and winning is not your idea of “fun” then please reconsider your decision to join the Tennis Team.


  • Learn the Game, Techniques, Strategies, and rules properly, the Winning will come Naturally.
  • You will develop my philosophy -- which is: Practice Tough, Play Tough, Play Fair, and Have Fun.
  • No ONE player is bigger than the TEAM.
  • “In Tennis it is extremely difficult to win, even when you do it right, so why do it wrong.”
  • “If I do not give my best effort in each point, game, set, or match, then I am denying my opponent the opportunity to beat me at my best game.”
  • Motto: “Perfect, do it again.”

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