Rebecca Valdez

 Physical Education Teacher/ Head Girls Basketball Coach

Conference Period: 1st - 8:30-10:00 am

Office Phone Number: 254-5351 

Email Address:




Course Description:  The physical education program is designed to develop the mental,emotional, physical, and social aspects of living a healthy, happy, and productive life.  Students are introduced to the fundamentals of team and individual sports, which include skills, rules, strategies, and physical fitness.  Emphasis in the program is placed on providing an opportunity for individual growth and success. 


Materials Needed for Class: 


1.   T-shirt

2.      Athletic shorts or sweat pants

3.      Athletic shoes & socks (Boots, sandals, and/or dress shoes will not be permitted)

*The dress code listed in the Los Fresnos Student Handbook will be enforced. 



1.      Dressing Out & Daily Written Work:  50%


a.       1st time no dress out:  Conference with the teacher

b.      2nd time no dress out: Parent conference

c.       3rd time no dress out:  Referral


2.      Participation/Assessments:  50%


Exception:  If you have a condition or illness that prevents you from participating in PE, you must have a doctors’ note that excuses you from participation.  THIS DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM DRESSING OUT. 


Make-up Work:  It is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher for any missed work. 



1.      Be properly dressed out.

2.      Good sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, sharing, and participation are required at all times.

3.      All students are expected to help with setting up/taking down equipment

4.      Do not touch or handle equipment unless directed to do so.

5.      You will be expected to handle yourself in a safe, orderly, and mature manner.

6.      No chewing gum

7.      No food or drink permitted in the gym

8.   No electronic devices

9.   No backpacks allowed in the gym



1.      Be on Time:  To avoid a tardy, you must be inside the locker room before the bell rings. You will have 10 min. after the tardy bell to dress out, use the bathroom, get water, and be in your assigned area.

2.      Lock up your valuables:  Lockers will be assigned.  Do not leave out anything valuable or tell anyone your combination. 

3.      Stretch/flexibility 10min

4.      10-20min cardiovascular

5.      30-40min. Individual/Team Sports & PE Foundations

6.      At the end of class, you will have 10 min. to dress.


Note:  Drug dogs are present on campus