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Bullying/UpStander/Suicide Prevention Training

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The Commander, Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) desires to increase cadet safety awareness through the institution of Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Hazing/Bullying Prevention programs within the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) and Navy National Defense Cadet Corps (NNDCC) programs.  All NJROTC/ NNDCC units were directed to establish such a program beginning in the school year 2014-15.


Naval Science Instructors were directed, with the approval of and in coordination with host school officials, to implement, support, and operate Suicide Prevention, Bystander Intervention, and Hazing Prevention programs within their individual NJROTC/NNDCC units.


It was further directed that senior cadet leadership be actively involved in leading these programs. The Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Hazing Prevention programs are designated as a special interest item and it is required to be briefed by the cadet Commanding Officer to the Area Manager during our Annual Military Inspection (AMI).