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Welcome to the home of the Navy JROTC at Los Fresnos High School, Los Fresnos, Texas.  United States Navy League's BEST UNIT IN TEXAS in 2014.  On this site, you will find the latest information on the activities, events, and academic resources of our program.  We are always looking to improve this website, so please use the Contact Us link on the navigation bar to the left, to provide us constructive feedback or to ask for additional information about our program or information you would like to see provided on our website.
Who we are:
Since our Unit's commissioning in 2003, the Instructors and Cadets have striven to live up to the Navy's Core Values of "Honor, Courage, and Commitment."  Los Fresnos High School Navy JROTC is a program that emphasizes citizenship and leadership development.  Our program is led by two dedicated and committed professionals who promote patriotism, high school completion, academic excellence, and respect for self and authority--we prepare students for Life!  We are driven to stay actively involved in our school and community and are committed to living up to the highest standards of character and ethical values to bring positive recognition to our community, school district, school, and unit.