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Mission Statement

The mission of the Los Fresnos High School Navy JROTC program is to develop and instill in students (cadets) the value of citizenship, service, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.  We will focus on leadership, physical fitness, teamwork, good work habits, and discipline.


In striving for excellence we will go above and beyond ensuring all cadets have access to any and all resources to succeed as citizens and leaders in today's increasingly competitive and diversified world.  We will encourage good study habits and provide mentors for cadets that find academics challenging.  Our instructors as well as senior cadets will do their best to assist and guide junior cadets in achieving academic goals.


Our high standards of professional excellence should be apparent in our conduct and preparation for school, class, and drill competitions.  We should be the epitome of professionalism in everything we do: in our study and work ethic, our uniforms and grooming standards, in our daily behavior, and while we are enjoying our time away from school.  We will remain ready to conduct any mission assigned such as community service, color guard ceremonies, or as assigned by the school administration.  We stay fit for duty - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Our posture for success sustained us.  We accept nothing less than superior performance, for mediocrity has no place in our Unit.


We are representatives of the United States of America, of our Naval Service, and of our families.  Our personal interaction sets the standard by which our JROTC unit is judged.  We will always maintain the highest standards of professionalism and human dignity.


The action, or inaction, of any one individual, plays a critical role in our preparation.  Our leadership is proactive, never abusive.  We thrive on challenges, seek solutions, and produce positive, timely results.  We are always accountable and accept responsibility for your actions.  We know the rules and regulations and abide by them,  integrity is our cornerstone, honesty is our guide, and respect for our fellow student in our creed.


Excel, demand excellence, set the example, be responsible, contribute to the Units' success and we will make a difference in our school, our neighborhoods, and our homes.